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Galvanization / zinc alloy...
Galvanization / zinc alloy...
Sealing process
Before and after treatment...
Nickel plating process
Gold plating process
Tin-plating and tin alloy process


Before and after treatment...
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PST-584 micro-etch

1、As for pretreatment of circuit board, IC lead frame, copper and No.42 alloy, we develop it for gr

CDF-80 deflashing liquid

1、Weak acid, chlorine free and IC lead frame could remove deflashing material

CLEAN DF10 deflashing solution

Strong alkali, chlorine free and IC lead frame could remove deflashing material.

ENSTRIPTL-105 stripping agent of tin and lead alloy

1、Acid stripping agent of tin-lead alloy and micro-etch do not destroy bottom hole, it is suitable

CD 10 cyanide-free degreasing powder

1、It is widely used in oil removing of electroplating, spraying, heat treatment etc.。
2、As f

ED30 Strongly alkaline non-cyanide electrolysis degreasing powder

1、It is suitable for cathode or anode electrolytic degreasing of ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

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